OBJECTIVE Redesign an existing chocolate brand and create a system for 3 chocolate flavors. Conceptualize and produce 3 chocolate bar. Timeline: 3 weeks. APPROACH Chocolove a chocolate based in Boulder, Colorado since 1996. The coco comes from Belgian full of rich organic ingredients.
OBJECTIVE Creating a cafe brand and a system that attract the costumers to be interested in. Timeline: 3 weeks. APPROACH Sparks Cafe is a brand that was inspired by baby flamingos, which are known in some countries by the name of Sparks since the adult name was named after flames.
OBJECTIVE Create a book that focuses on a natural phenomenon using the various design exercises as prompted. Restrictions: use only black, white, and another spot color throughout the book. APPROACH I wanted to challenge myself by portraying an abstract phenomenon that has a connection to nature.
Digital PhotoPro
OBJECTIVE Redesign a current publication’s visual system. APPROACH Here’s my take on re-looking at how a photography magazine can be unconventional and still make you want to buy it.
OBJECTIVE Creating a package of an existing signature brand Mintea. A new system and new visual systematic approach for the brand. Mock-up a minimum of 5 items for presentation. APPROACH Mintea is brand that I created for skincare, which made of mint and tea leaves since they are known for helping the skin to produce collagen that gives the skin puer young look.
OBJECTIVE Created a typographical card set that showcases one typeface. APPROACH Typographic cards that embody different genres of advertisment with the well-known typeface by Jan Tschichold: Sabon. Each card is a component of the card set, including type anatomy, history, and specimens.
OBJECTIVE Create any application, conceptualize, create wireframes, and deliver a functioning prototype. APPROACH An app that will allow students to find a roommate that has almost the same lifestyle as the user that cherish a current thriving romantic relationship.
Letter Fountain book
Approach Create an advertisement for a book since 2010 to give a hint to the viewer about the contains.
Music festival poster
Light calling
APPROACH A short video for International calling app that is under progress.
OBJECTIVE I created the mandala to express the beauty of Frida Kahlo by her famous self-portrait painting where usually involved animals in the background.
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